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Consultant for people mobility and company succession

Dr. Horst Schneider | HSI Consult

Benefit from quick perception, determination, creativity and as well perseverance. Approx. 20 years of industrial experience in the chemical industry in Austria and abroad managing people and investments, being expert for production as well as for research is adding to knowledge and the business portfolio.

Dr. Horst Schneider Unternehmensberatung

Fussstapfen.at is an information platform and an initiative together with the law firm Dr. Christopher Toms (www.tomslegal.eu), specialised in contract law and the law firm Dr. Mario Perl (www.perl-law.at), specialised in tax. We offer full service to initiate and execute company transfers.
Our focus lies on consulting & coaching as well as law and tax. Our goal is to lead you and your company into the next generation. We advise you on the way and realise the handover respectively the takeover.

Think globally and act regionally, that’s what the WiWaKa brand stands for (Economy | Growth | Kamp region in Lower Austria).

We are four partners with many years of expertise to accompany change processes in companies in our specialized areas.  We support managers and entrepreneurs in developing the best visions. We work together with our customers to increase efficiency and sustainability in their companies. This includes personality training as well as courses for personality and competence development. The area of expertise also includes agricultural advisory services and the design for better business spaces.

We look forward to talking to you. Contact: office@wiwaka.at
(Phone: +43 664 456 25 21)

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